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How to use Visual Composer template and shortcodes with WP All Import

If you want to import your Listings using WP All Import plugin and don't know how to use Visual Composer template and shortcodes, please follow below guides.

WP All Import allows to use shortcodes under Content field, so you can easily put here your shortcodes. But it needs some different syntaxis. So please see our default example with VC Tabs, Text, STM Features, and Contact Form shortcodes:

\[vc_row]\[vc_column]\[vc_tabs]\[vc_tab title="Vehicle overview" tab_id="vehicle_overview"]\[vc_column_text]{Description[1]}\[/vc_column_text]\[/vc_tab]\[vc_tab title="Features" tab_id="features_overview"]\[vc_column_text]\[stm_car_listing_features]\[/vc_column_text]\[/vc_tab]
\[vc_tab title="Contact Us" tab_id="contact"]\[contact-form-7 id="500" title="Single Car Form"]\[/vc_tab]\[/vc_tabs]\[/vc_column]\[/vc_row]
Please note, the page shortcode should be in a single line without line breaks. 

Here you can see the clarifying screenshot:

For detailed instructions about WP All Import and STM Addon plugins please follow this tutorial -


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