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Quiz Question Types

Masterstudy gives you the ability to choose from 6 types of questions for quizzes. Learn how to use them and make your content more interesting.

Masterstudy prepared for you a variety of Quiz Question, starting from the classical True or False and ending with the challenging Keywords. Don’t bore your students with typical tasks. They will be more interested in taking quizzes if there would be a wide range of options available. 

You can open Quiz Questions settings by different means:

> Go to STM LMS > Quizzes > Add new/Select from the list > Quiz Question. 


 > Or go to STM LMS > Questions > Question Settings

> Use the Frontend Course Builder. Open Your Profile Page. 

 Add a new Course or open the one you created before. Go straight to the Curriculum section. 

Add a new quiz and open its settings.

Further instruction will be the same. 

Next, proceed to the Quiz Questions, add a new one and open Question Settings.

You can go to the new window of question Settings (1, applicable for the Backend Course Builder) or continue editing on the current page. Just expand the hidden section clicking on Plus icon (2).

After you expand the window you will be able to set up the questions. Choose the question type and enter the answers.

There are 6 types of quiz questions available:

  • Single Choice
  • Multi Choice
  • Item Match
  • True or False
  • Fill the Gap
  • Keywords

Single Choice

These questions allow choosing only one answer from the list offered. Once you selected the type of question as Single choice, add several answers.

In the space provided write an answer, an explanation which will be shown in Show Answer section and flag/mark the correct answer.

Students’ view of quiz with a single choice question. 


Multi Choice

One of the most popular types of questions which shows several answers to a question and more than one answer can be selected.

Choose the Multi Choice type for the quiz and write the answers. You can select several answers as correct.


Student’s view.

True or False

One more well-known form of Closed-Ended Questions where there are only 2 choices for the answer, which are either True or False. Select True or False in Question Type.

Answers will be generated automatically as there are only two options available. You just need to mark the correct one.

Student’s view.


Item match

In Item matching, you ask the learner to match two sets of data. Here you provide several phrases or words and, for instance, divide them into two columns. The goal for a student is to connect the phrase from the left side with the matching one on the opposite. In other words, link images or phrases with each other.

Choose the Item Match type and enter the matching pairs in the boxes Question and Match respectively.

Student’s view.



Keywords ask students to enter their answers in the provided boxes. They can write more than one answer at a time. Their answers should coincide with the keywords you entered.

Select the Keywords in Question type. Enter the answers in the space provided.

Student’s view.



Fill in the gap 

A Fill in the Gap question provides to the student space where they should enter their answer - complete the sentence with 1-2 words. This excludes any guessing and checks the actual knowledge of learners.

Select Fill the Gap Type. Type the text, which will be your task and do as it is shown in the example. Separate the future answers (missing words for the students) with “|” symbol.

 Student’s view.


Question Bank 

Question Bank is a simple way to make quizzes more convenient. This feature allows categorizing questions depending on the subject.

You can find this option in Question Types.

Open your profile page (frontend editor), choose any course and open its Curriculum. Select a quiz or create a new and open quiz editor page.

Or go to STM LMS > Quizzes > Question Settings if you are working from backend panel.

On this page, select or create a question and in the Question Type select Question Bank.

Here you can select the category you need and specify the number of questions to show.

You can also activate Randomize questions option to position questions randomly in the quiz.


 This is the final look of the quiz with the Question Bank option enabled. 


In addition to this, we have Assignment addon. Along with the quizzes, you may include assignments in the course. Assignments have 2 types of tasks: uploads and essays and several useful features.

Follow the link to learn how to activate and use Assignments.






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