Motors - Car Dealership & Classified Listings Mobile App for Android & iOS

Motors Mobile App

Motors App is a brand new React native app that gives you the ability to synchronize data between your website and app. No Paid Plugins Needed, Everything Inside. Launch your iOS and Android apps today! The app is fully compatible with the Motors WordPress Theme.

Motors mobile app is a new extension to the Motors WordPress theme. It is the next step on vehicles classified advertisement. This application is built on React Native and that makes it so resilient and cross-platform. Motors app contains a vast amount of marvelous features to buy and sell cars.

Motors app contains a vast amount of marvelous features to buy and sell cars: 

Add listings - no need to add a car from inside the web. Submit all the needed information and create vehicles ad page instantly;

Simple car search - keep a car search simple to make the process fast and smooth. In Motors App it’s easy to search for cars by make    or model;

Simple Authentication - WP users can easily sign in to Motors App with WP credentials. And new users can register right in the app and later authorize on WP website;

Integration plugin - Motors app comes with a special WordPress plugin that you will have to install and activate in order to make changes to your application from one place inside WordPress;

Your Personal Pocket Business - You can create an unlimited number of apps for a different type of clients. 


For a detailed overview, have a look at the Motors Mobile App user manual -


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