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Addons make your work even easier. Learn how to use them.

Trial Course

Allow your students to try some of the lessons for free with the Trial Courses feature.

How to enable Trial courses?

Go to the STM LMS menu and find the Addon tab.



Find the Trial Courses among the list of addons and enable it (1). Next, open the setting s window. Just click on the appeared Settings badge (2).




Enter the number of free lessons you want to be in the course and Save Settings.



Now, when you create a new or edit an existed course (STM LMS > Courses > Choose a Course > Course Settings) enable Trial Course feature by dragging the slider to the right.

Saved settings (number of free lessons) will be applied automatically to the course.



Live Stream 

The Lesson Live Stream is the first exclusive WP feature allowing the instructors to stream in online mode. With the Live Streaming feature, you will be able to interact with your students on the highest level as they will follow the study materials, add their comments and questions in the Live Chat and give feedback immediately.

You can also save the webinar and add it to one of the lessons, so the students missed Live Stream will be able to watch it later.



Use Youtube platform to start a live stream. Just embed a stream directly into the lesson. Learn here how to use live streaming on Youtube.

Please also follow the instructions on how to add the URL of the video.

Once you set up the video on YouTube, click on the Share button under the player.

Next, in the popup find the button Embed and click on it.

Now you will see the iframe code where you need to copy just a part of it - the embedded link. The link should include "embed" word. Copy the link as shown on the image below.

Use this link to add the video on the lesson page. Just paste it in Lesson video URL field.

How to enable Live Streaming Lesson

On the WP dashboard click STM LMS > LMS Settings > Addons.

Find Live Stream Addon and Enable it.


Once you switched on the Addon, go to STM LMS > Lessons and choose any lesson from your list or create one.

From suggested options in the drop-down menu on Lesson Type choose Stream. Next, set time and date for the stream and add the video URL.


Using Frontend builder

Also, you can open any course straight from your profile page via frontend builder and choose one lesson in your Сurriculum.


Go straight to the Lesson Settings. From suggested options on Lesson Type choose Stream in the drop-down menu. Next, set time and date for the stream and add the video URL.

Save Changes and don’t forget to mark the date in your calendar.


Group Courses

To activate Group Courses feature, click STM LMS > LMS Settings > Addons.

Find Group Courses Addon and Enable it. Click on the Settings icon (or follow STM LMS > Enterprise Course Settings) and specify the number of members allowed to participate in the course 


After you enabled the Group Course Addon you can find additional options in the Course Settings (STM LMS > Courses > Select a course > Course Settings) under Enterprise Settings section. Set an Enterprise Price in a blank space provided.


Update your course info and sell classes not only for individuals but also for groups. 

If you edit with the Frontend builder use the profile menu. There will be included a new tab of Enterprise Group.



Open it and try to add a new group. There are two options for creating a group.

You can import a group via CSV or add a new group by entering users’ emails manually.


Also, you can add groups right from the course page. Open up the course and click on the Buy For Group button.

In a popup window, you will be asked to create a group.

The Gradebook

Now you can collect statistics of your students’ progress with the Gradebook feature. To activate Gradebook Feature, click STM LMS > LMS Settings > Addons. Enable Gradebook addon.



You can get access to the Gradebook from the profile page via the frontend builder.

 Search for the course or pick one from the list and load statistics.

Check out how many students enrolled in the course, what is the average progress (%), and load individual statistics for each student.


Sequential Drip Content

Sequential Drip Content is a useful tool which will help you to provide a proper flow of the education process.

To activate Drip Content Feature, click STM LMS > LMS Settings > Addons. Enable Drip Content addon and click on the Settings icon.

Open Settings (or go to Sequential Drip Content from the dashboard panel) and activate Lock lessons sequentially. In that case, students will not be able to get access to the second lesson until they complete the first one.

You can also select the second option and enable the option Lock Lesson before it starts. In that case, the lesson will be locked until its start date.

For example, you are planning to conduct a stream lesson or conference Just select the type for the lesson and specify the start date and start time for it.

To do it got to the lesson settings.

From the admin panel:

Fro Frontend Builder:

Now students can see the countdown on the page of the locked lesson.

Or customize the sequence depending on your preferences and course requirements.

Find additional settings on the Edit Course page (STM LMS > Courses > Select a course > Sequantial Drip Content).

As soon as you set up the sequence of the lessons, lessons that are not available will be marked as locked.



To start your work, activate Assignment Addon. Open STM LMS > Addons and enable Assignments

Follow to the Settings (STM LMS > Assignment Settings) page to indicate the number of allowed attachments and specify the maximum size per file uploaded.

Go to STM LMS > Assignments and Add a new assignment.

Add a title to your assignment, description, and requirements. As we have two types of Assignments - Uploads and Essays, clarify the requirements of the project in the assignment description.

If you use the Frontend Course Builder, then open your Profile Page. Select any course and open Curriculum.

Here you can add a new Assignment.

Once you created an assignment, find it in the list and fill it out as you need.

Add content and Save Changes.


If you want to check students' progress on the assignment, there is an easy way to do it. Click on the Student Assignments in the profile menu.

Choose the assignment you want to check and load statistics. 

 See the students’ status for a selected assignment.

Online Testing

Online Testing Addons allows pasting any quizzes through the shortcode to any page. You can enable the Online Testing addon in the STM LMS ▸ LMS Settings ▸ Addons section of the WordPress dashboard menu.

After that, go to the Quizzes page and add a new Quiz.

How to use?
Create quiz and insert shortcode with quiz id on a page.

[stm_lms_quiz_online id=QUIZ_ID_HERE]

In the screenshot you can see that the quiz id is 755. You can create a new page add a shortcode like below:

How to use?
Create quiz and insert shortcode with quiz id on a page.

[stm_lms_quiz_online id=755]



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