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Eroom Documentation

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Setting Up The Plugin
  • How to Obtain APIs
  • How to Add New Users
  • How to Add Meetings
  • How to Add Meetings to Page
  • Meetings Grid
  • Meetings Reports
  • Webinars
  • eRoom PRO
  • eRoom Purchasable Meetings Addon



eRoom - Zoom Meetings & webinar Plugin is a complete solution for WordPress users that supplies you with extensive functionality for maintaining Zoom meetings, scheduling options, and managing users directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Check out the video to see the plugin in action and learn all the features!





Getting Started

Setting Up The Plugin

Setting Up The Plugin

To install the plugin, first of all, you need to go to Plugins > Add New. In the search field enter eRoom - Zoom Meetings & Webinars and click on Install. Once the installation is finished, Activate the plugin. 

After the plugin activation, there will be appeared the eRoom menu on your dashboard panel. Open the page with the Settings: eRoom > Zoom Settings.

On this page, you need to enter the Zoom API Key and API Secret Key.

How to Obtain APIs

How to Obtain APIs

To collect credentials, follow to Zoom App Marketplace: On this page click on the Develop button and from the dropdown menu select the option Build App.

After that choose the type of your app. This will be a JWT type, the first option on the page, and click Create.

Now you will need to enter the information for the app such as name, email, and description.

Then go to App Credentials where you can find APIs you need. Copy the API Key and API Secret Key and paste them in the respective fields on the Zoom Settings page in your dashboard.

Under the API Key field, you can also find the link to the guide on how to obtain the credentials.



How to Add New Users

How to Add New Users

eRoom allows you to easily add new users. Those users can be added as Hosts, which means that they will be able to host and create their own meetings.

To add a new user, go to eRoom > Add User, and on the new page fill in the necessary information and save.

Please note that you can add users in accordance with the Zoom Plans, so they will be active for the chosen plan. More information about Zoom pricing plans you can find here:  

On the Users page, you can see all the users in your account.

How to Add Meetings

How to Add Meetings

From the eRoom > Meetings menu, you can open the meeting page and create a new meeting or edit the existed one.


The plugin allows you to submit all the information about the meeting, such as title, meeting date and time, host and agenda, specifications about the timezone and meeting duration. 

After creating the meeting, there will be added a separate meeting page you can use.

There is also a shortcode that you can add to any page on your website. You can use shortcode in case you want to paste the meeting into the particular page on your website.

Just copy the shortcode and past it into the page.

In that case, on this particular page will appear a countdown for the planning meeting.

If the meeting has already started, instead of a countdown there will be meeting details provided on the page along with the Join Meeting buttons where users have to options, either to join the meeting in the browser or access the session via Zoom app. 

By clicking on Join in browser, you will be redirected to the new page.

There you can use the panel on the top of the page to enter the login information and join the meeting.

How to Add Meetings to Page

How to Add Meetings to Page

You can also use the Zoom meeting element available in Elementor page builder. Just select it from the list of elements, and choose your meeting as a content.

You can also use the element from the WPBakery Page Builder to add the meeting to the page. Just click on the Plus icon and select the STM Zoom Meetings element under the STM tab.


Meetings Grid

Meetings Grid

Meetings Grid is the special feature that you can use to manage the display options of your page like specifying rows number and meeting types — simple meeting or product (available only in PRO version).

You can use a shortcode to control this option. Just go to eRoom > Zoom Settings. Find on the page Shortcodes tab.

In the spaces provided enter shortcodes. There are several options available:
— To paste a single meeting
— To specify the number of rows for meetings grid
— To specify the meetings product grid (available only in the PRO version of the plugin).

All shortcodes are available in your admin panel.

Grid Elements in Elementor and WPBakery

Also, you can use the element in the Elementor Page BuilderZoom Meetings Grid

There is a Zoom Meetings Grid element available in the WPBakery Page Builder.

Just click on the Plus button to add an element and specify data in the settings window.

Meetings Reports

Meetings Reports

eRoom also lets you collect the Reports.

Go to eRoom > Reports menu and access the Reports page. Specify month and year for the data you want to see and you will get your meetings statistics such as the number of meetings, participants, and new users.



Zoom webinars are available for you in the eRoom plugin.

Webinars will be perfect for you if you:

  • offer virtual lectures;
  • distribute to a large audience (50+ attendees);
  • use the listen-only mode.

Please note the available number of participants varies from 100 to 10,000 depending on the Zoom license you have.

To add a new webinar go to eRoom > Webinars > Add new

On this page, you can add all the information related to your webinar including title, webinar agenda, webinar time, timezone, duration and much more.

Enter the data and publish your webinars.

Before meetings start time, users can track the countdown.

To join the meeting they can use two options that are available: Join in browser or Join in Zoom app

You can also sell your webinars as WooCommerce products.
In the WooCommerce > Products > Choose the product you need or add a new one > General settings select Zoom Conference, and choose your webinar in the field Select meeting/webinar.


If you go to Zoom settings you can find the Shortcodes tab on the page.
Shortcodes that you can use: single webinar, webinars grid.

Important: you can use webinars service only if you purchased the appropriate plan in Zoom. Learn more about plans and pricing here:

After purchasing the plan, in your Zoom account follow the User Management menu > Users, select the user and click on Edit. On the Edit User page you will see the Features section. Check the Webinars option there to enable webinars in your account.



eRoom PRO

eRoom Purchasable Meetings Addon

eRoom Purchasable Meetings Addon

With eRoom WooCommerce addon, you can easily make your meetings ready purchasable and for sale by using the WooCommerce plugin.

Activate the plugins first: eRoom - Zoom Meetings & Webinars, eRoom WooCommerce addon, WooCommerce.

After that, you need to activate the addon Purchasable Meetings, go to the eRoom Pro menu on your dashboard panel. On the page eRoom Pro Addons you need to enable the addon.

Now, go to eR
oom > Zoom Meetings > Add New. Create a new meeting, fill in all the required information like the name, host, agenda, start date, and save the changes. 

After that, follow to WooCommerce > Products > Add new. Here you need to create a new WooCommerce product.

Enter the title, image and description and move to the product settings.

On the General section, in the Product Data select the product type as Zoom conference. Now you need to link the product to a specific meeting. Select the needed one in the Select Meeting field. Set the price for your meeting.

You can also mark the meeting as it is over. In this case, people can buy the recorded version of this. Just insert the embed code of the record file.

In the Inventory section, you can manage the stock.

Now your meeting is available for purchase. 

You can set up the notification, which will be sen to a participant a certain time before the start of the meetings.

Go to eRoom > Zoom Settings > WooCommerce addon Settings and specify the time in the space provided. 

Once you set it up, participants will receive a reminder about the session 15 minutes before its start time. 

The user can access the meeting page, where he can find the information about its start date, speaker, and see the related purchase. By clicking on the Get Access Now users add meetings to the cart, from where they can proceed to checkout. 

There is also an option of sending a message to a speaker, in order to ask a meeting related question.

On the speaker page, you can find all his meetings available for purchase divided on Upcoming and Archive.