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How to import Udemy courses to Masterstudy LMS theme?

Do you want to import courses from Udemy and display on your website?  The new version (1.3.1) of the MasterStudy LMS Pro plugin comes with Addons section in the settings. This section contains two addons - Udemy Course Importer and Prerequisites. We will show how to enable and setup Udemy Course Importer addon in this tutorial. You can read about Prerequisites addon here.

Setting up the Udemy Course Importer addon

You can enable the Udemy Course Importer addon in the STM LMS -> LMS Settings -> Addons section of the WordPress dashboard menu. 


LMS Addons


You need to click on the "Enable Addon" and a gear icon appears over the image of the addon where you can set up Udemy Settings and import courses. 

Udemy Course Importer

In the Credentials tab of the STM LMS Udemy Settings section, you need to add your client ID, Secret API keys, and Udemy Rakuten Affiliate script. 

Udemy Settings

Udemy API Client

You need to click on the Udemy API link in order to get your Udemy credentials. 

Udemy API credentials

When your API Client request is approved, API credentials will be available in the API Clients section. 

Approved API credentials

Import and manage Udemy courses 

After adding Udemy API credentials, you will be able to search and import Udemy courses in Search tab.

Udemy Search

Imported Courses tab contains options for managing your imported courses.

Imported Courses  

Your customers will be able to get published courses on Udemy from your website. 

 Udemy Course

Rakuten Automate

For the Udemy Rakuten Affiliate script, you need to register on Rakuten Marketing website and generate unique Rakuten Automate script.

Racuten Automate

Here you can read more about Rakuten Automate tool -    






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