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How to add a new course with Masterstudy LMS

How to add a new course and set it up? Look for the answers in this article and learn how to add and maintain courses with the easy-to-use LMS via both backend and frontend builder.

Add a new course via Backend Course Builder

The first thing you need to do is go to the STM LMS > Courses. Click the Add New button and start creating content for your new course.



Add a title to the course and enter the description.



Create a thorough Curriculum for your course.

On this step, you can add new lessons, quizzes, and assignments to the course and divide them into sections. If you want to use existed lessons or quizzes, use the Search lesson or quiz panel and choose one from early created.



Once you added a new lesson or quiz there will appear a list of them. You can find the Edit icon next to each Lesson’s (Quizzes') title. Forward to Lessons’ settings by clicking on it.



Set up the Course

Scroll down the page and go to the Course Settings. Clarify course info and requirements in the Course Settings section.



Settings Tab. You can use several functions here:

  • enable Trial Course – this will make one or some of the lessons available for free;
  • enable Featured Course – this will help to promote the course;
  • set the duration of a course and video materials;
  • specify the level of a course itself and the level of skills required to enroll the course.


Accessibility Tab. Fill in the blank to set the course price. You can also set the Sale Price, exclude the course from membership and affiliate course.



Announcement Tab. Make important announcements for your learners whenever you need to. Write your text in the space provided.



FAQ Tab. Create the FAQ section to predict possible misunderstandings. Add one by one: items, questions, and answers.



On the right side of the page, you can choose a category for the course (add a new one if you don’t have any). Set featured image, change common settings like visibility and status, preview and publish a course.




Add a new course via Frontend Course Builder

If there are many instructors registered, they can use our frontend course builder. Each of the instructors will have its personal Admin panel or Profile page. This panel is very easy to use.
To add a new course, go to your profile and click the Add New Course button.




Start filling in the content.

We provided tips for you with a short description of each section to simplify navigation. Switch from one part to another by clicking the Arrow button at the bottom of the page. Click on the Close icon to turn off tips.



Also, you can add a new category via the frontend course builder.


Note for website admin:
You need to allow instructors of website to add new categories first
For this go to STM LMS > Course and activate this option.

After this instructors will be able to add categories via frontend course builder.
Reveal the dropdown menu of the Category and choose the option Add new category.

You can add multimedia content to your course, give it a full description, add a featured image.

Here also you can create a proper Curriculum for the course, enter announcements and fill in the FAQ section.

Use the right panel to set the price for individuals and groups, specify course duration and level appropriate.


Add and edit lessons and quizzes

After you entered all the necessary information in the Description part, move on to the Curriculum.

In this sector, you can add and edit lessons and quizzes. Divide lessons into sections, give unique titles to organize your syllabus in the most convenient way.



As soon as you create your course plan you will be able to edit (1) and delete (2) information. Work with the list as shown below to apply the required changes.



Choose a lesson you want to edit and click on the Edit icon. Add some content to this lesson, choose any format and insert material. 



Open the Lesson Settings. Here you can:

  • determine the lesson type 
  • upload a video poster
  • attach video URL
  • specify the lesson duration 
  • activate preview 
  • write a description


Lesson types available - Text, Video, Slide, Stream. Expand the drop-down menu to select an option.



Save Changes, so the settings could be applied.


Edit quiz

Choose a Quiz you want to change and click on the Edit icon. Add the content to the Quiz and make up questions.


Go to Settings, where you can:

  • enter a description
  • specify quiz duration (time format available - minutes, hours, days)
  • activate the display of correct answers
  • determine passing grade 
  • indicate the number of percentages that will be cut down from the total number of points after quiz retake.  

*Note. Do not enter the percentage symbol, it is applied by default.


Save Changes and once you finished entering the information, press the Publish Course button to launch a new course.

Check its availability on the Courses page.





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