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Started by: Tony August 23, 2016 - 20:39

Not good at this and spent too long trying to work it out without success.
When I go into a Product I can change the image and text and I am happy with that but where do I change the details on the right. It has icons with Students, Duration, lectures, Video, and Certificate, with Enroll this Course at the top. I can see where I amend the price duration etc but not the Students and where can I amend these sidebar items, so instead of 'students' I would like 'class number' or something like that. Any advice is truly welcome.


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    These extra information values you can change under Course Details section when you are editing the Course. Also it's possible to change some static strings like "Students" via theme language files. here is an example tutorial - https://stylemixthemes.com/manuals/smarty/#localization. PS: It's possible to add translations even for default English language.


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