Website Loading is slow due to Google Fonts

Started by: Himanshu Jagdish Sheth August 13, 2017 - 08:39

I am using the Montserrat Google Font for my website.

However, though only this font is being used it loads a number of fonts as listed here This makes the website load time very high.

One solution could be use a simple font like Arial or other option could be load only selected Google Font (which is Montserrat in this case) so that the load time becomes faster. Please let us know the solution.

Note : No additional plugins have been enabled on the site (apart from what is needed by Consulting Theme. A fresh load takes around 10 seconds which is too high for a website which does not have many images).

Thanks for your support!


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    Those Google fonts are included in the theme and you can see them under Customize -> Typography section. Please try to use cache and optimizing plugins in order to increase your site performance. Also, you can offer site speed optimization services for that.


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