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There is an error with Drip Content Add-on

Started by: Tran Hiep February 09, 2020 - 22:35


I notice that there is an error with Drip Content.

This is the structure of my Course Section 1 in respective order:

01. Lecture 01 (Lecture 01)

02. Assignment 01 (Lecture 02)

03. Video 01 (Lecture 03)

When Sequential Drip Content is activated (with Lock Lessons Sequentially on), even though the student's assignment has been submitted (by himself) and approved (by the teacher), he can't proceed to Video 01 (Lecture 03 is not accessible).

But when I turn off the Lock Lessons Sequentially, I can access the Lecture 03.

Please check and give me information. Thank you!


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    Tran Hiep

    Although the status for Lecture 02 is Completed, when I click the button at the right bottom to move on to the Lecture 03, nothing happens. I mean I still stay at the page of the Lecture 02.

    Author Team
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    Matthew Gordon


    When the Lock lessons sequentially. In that case, students will not be able to get access to the second lesson until they complete the first one. For more info please kindly have a look at the following manual below ->


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