Stock Number Results on WordPress Search?

Started by: bc3223 August 28, 2017 - 14:21


I'm not able to get results from inventory to pull up for any stock numbers on the Motors theme if I use the global site search at the top of the site or on a widget.

Is there a way to simply add a general search box on the sidebar with the other Search Options that would allow all of these data to be searched and returned for the inventory listings like shown below:



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    You need to enable "Bind WP Search form with Inventory" under Customize -> Listing -> Inventory Settings [screenshot]. After, you need to create a sidebar with WP Search module and assign it to inventory page under Customize -> Listing -> Inventory Settings section. So you will be able to search your listings by keywords.


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    Egon Kilin
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    I have set up the Search Bar as Specified but how can I have it on the beginning of the sidebar now it is on the last side below

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    Hi Egon,

    In that case, you need to add WP Search module to your Inventory page. However, it displays above the results too. Otherwise, it needs to customize the theme templates in order to realize your request.


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    Egon Kilin
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    So in order to be able to have the Search bar on top of the sidebar I need to change some theme files? Or is it an easy fix
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    Hi Egon,
    You need to customize sidebar.php from \wp-content\themes\motors\listings\classified\filter to change the search position.
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    como faco isso ?

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    You can connect your site using FTP (credentials you can get from your hosting provider) and make described changes.


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