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Started by: Matt July 06, 2017 - 04:56


I have my nav services link direct to a url /services-icon
but the "site path links" brings me back to the /services. this link here

how do I edit what the site path links direct to.

Also I want to edit and add elements the /services page (the one the site path currently links to)
this is what it currently looks like

I cant find the page site on the wordpress pages dashboard. I can edit the services by adding and deleting them,
and I can edit the side bar in VC sidebars, but I cant find a way to add elements to this page since there is no /services page listed on the wordpress dashboard.

Thank you


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    You can change Post Type under Customizing > Post Types > Services, breadcrumbs settings placed under Settings > Breadcrumbs NavXT. About services page , firstly you need to create new page under Pages > Add new, agter you easely can edit it via Visual Composer.


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