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[request] Let me define course expiration for non membership courses

Started by: Luciana December 15, 2019 - 03:42

The problem: I don't want to put a course in membership plans, just want to receive a single payment from it. But I still need the expiration time for the course.

Each student should have access to course for, let's say 1 year, then be denied access to the course until he renew it.

Could begiven an option for the admin to keep students assignments or have them removed together when student access expires.

Also could notify student that his access is expiring, giving a link do download his assignments as a backup, before they get removed when date expires.


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    Matthew Gordon


    There is no such kind of possibility by default. It needs to modify the theme templates in order to realize your request.We will discuss additional features of the theme with our project managers according to the customers' requirements and add new possibilities to the theme in the future updates of the theme. Unfortunately, we couldn't provide any detailed information about future updates.Alternatively, we can recommend you to contact our theme customization department ->‚Äčin order to build the theme according to your personal needs for a reasonable fee


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