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[request] Assignments feature to make it perfect

Started by: Luciana December 15, 2019 - 03:29

I saw you guys added a new assigments feature to the LMS. But there is one thing very important missing!

I would love to see an option for the teacher reply to the student assignment with an image file and an optional text comment next to it.

Usage steps:

1. student upload file

2. teacher gets notified and download student file.

3. teacher marks assignment as correct.


3. teacher marks assigment as incorrect and upload an image showing the student mistakes on the specific assigment. Writes comments if needed, and marks assignment as not finished ( teacher can reupload and overwrite if want )

4. system notify student of teacher update.

5. if teacher rejects assigment, student can reupload it with new fixed assignment.

So, can this be implemented anytime soon? :)

Another nice feature, would be adding score to the student uploads, each upload score for x points depending on the total assignments amount from the course. If student upload most of the assignments, he gets a "badge of 5 stars" displaying on his profile -a gamified feature very liked by students.

example formulas:

total assignments = 20 = 100%
assignments sent = 05 = x
score = (100 * 5) / 20 = 25%

t = 40 = 100%
a = 15 = x
score =(100 * 15) / 40 = 37%

This one would be plus if implemented, if you guys make any of those, please let me know! I can even help with testing! I'm systems analyst and developer.


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    Another needed feature: let site admin get notified about new assignments and let him download and reupload assignments for each student.

    Author Team
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    Hope Lee


    Thank you for the provided suggestions. We will discuss additional features of the theme with our project managers according to the customers' requirements and add new possibilities to the theme in the future updates of the theme. Unfortunately, we couldn't provide any detailed information about future updates


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