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Started by: Paco Ojeda September 05, 2017 - 00:21

Greetings from Puerto Vallarta!

We love Smarty and, little by little, we are learning how to better take advantage of all the features. I have a question regarding page titles. We've created several pages in our website (in Spanish) such as:

In all of these pages, we've entered the page title in the title field at the top of the editor, and also in the Smarty-specific options at the bottom of the page (where one can enter a title and a subtitle as well).

However, if you look at the pages, instead of displaying their actual names, they display the word Archivos (or archives in English).
Oddly enough, pages such as , display the subtitle properly, but not the title.

Any thoughts on how I might be able to fix this, and where, would be sincerely appreciated!


  • Author Team
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    There are some conflicts in the page title of the theme. Please create a ticket with your site credentials and we will fix it for you.


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    Pablo Costa
    Hello, excellent theme, thank you very much for the work. I have exactly the same problem, and I am also working in Spanish, I comment because it may help them. Regards, I await your comments on how to continue. Thank you

    I leave a link to the example:

    Author Team
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    Hello Pablo,

    Please create a ticket with your site credentials also and we will provide you a proper solution on this issue.


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    Pablo Costa
    Thanks for solving it in the last update, honestly it is an excellent theme as well as support. Thank you
    Author Team
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    You are welcome :)
    Also, you can leave us a review on ThemeForest. We would really appreciate it!
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