Newbie Query - Are other people having difficulty with Masterstudy Support?

Started by: Avril Fortuin May 09, 2017 - 18:22

Hi all,

I just bought Masterstudy and have no coding experience which is why I bought this theme. They say it is meant to be easy but the booklet instructions are not enough for me to understand and there are insufficient Youtube videos! Then when I resort to support I don't get the support I need. I bought this three weeks ago and I am still stuck. Does anyone know any good resources so that I can figure this out myself. I don't know what I am missing. Is anyone in the same situation? How have others sorted this out! It is becoming very frustrating.


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    Could you please clarify which kind of problem do you have?

    Our support engineers had replied your support tickets and didn't got any further questions from you.

    Importing the demo content will make your site the same as our demo (only without images). And our thousands customers are setting up the theme without any problems.


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