Multi-Line input fields for Categories

Started by: Kelly Householder January 21, 2016 - 16:54

In the listing categories one of the things you can do is input a numeric field type and then you can free form a single line in the car details. So you could put in for example Engine: and type something in that line and have it show up on the ad. However it would also be nice to have a multi-line field not just a single. I'm not requesting multi-select, that already works but that assumes a static set of sub categories you want to pick from.. I'm talking you want something longer or bullet style so having either a multi line or edit box to support that would be very helpful for the single car ad.


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    Firstly thank you for your attention!
    We will try to include this feature to next updates, however it has been disabled by Themeforest/Wordpress to add HTML/JS codes. We will try try to find another solution for this. Thank you for using our theme!

    Best regards

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