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Started by: Tobey June 21, 2017 - 13:05

Hi all,

I've just purchased the Consulting theme and want to use the New York, Header Style 3.
However, once I have uploaded my company logos and try to set a logo, it doesn't show up! (on the top bar/header area)
It is still showing the default consulting logo, and if I remove the logo, it shows only the site title (company name)

Please help me. Thanks in advance.


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    Please add your site credentials under your profile settings and we will check it on your end. Our engineers will reply you in your support ticket.


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    I am having the same issue, was this resolved?
    Author Team
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    Hi Cale,

    Please try to add your logo file to both Logo and Dark logo fields. You can create a ticket with your site credentials if it doesn't help. We will check this issue on your end.


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    Sunil Telkar
    How can I reduce the white space around site logo?
    The margins I have set to 0 px, however, there is lot of gap between the logo and the header row.
    Also, note that the uploaded logo has been cropped to the actual artwork.

    - Sunil

    Author Team
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    replied to: #5599
    Hi Sunil,
    Please create a ticket with your site credentials and our support engineers will check it for you.


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    charles adrien
    Hello How do I remove the main consulting wp logo at the top right corner
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    charles adrien
    disregard . I fixed it
    thank you
    Author Team
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    In case you have any questions, feel free to post a reply.
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