How to setup adwords, analytics and facebook

Started by: Ioannis October 28, 2017 - 09:13


can you please advice of how to setup adwords, analytics and facebook conversions?

I want to setup
a. User registrations as goal to google analytics.
b. New listing as goal to google analytics and conversion to adwords
c. New listing as custom conversion to facebook

My question is related with the theme, not how to setup in platforms. There are some js events when a user registers (so I can use them as goals) but when new listing is submitted there is no js event.

Thank you


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    #stm_sell_a_car_form form submit action is located in a "assets/js/sell-a-car.js" file. But unfortunately, we cannot include developers in order to set up extra analytics for your website. Sorry for inconveniences!


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