How to hide

Started by: Ilse February 17, 2016 - 20:46

how to hide the div when the site is accessed by mobile? I need to hide the box located above the slide show.
The green, yellow, blue and pink box.

Check on website

<div class="icon_box vc_custom_1453487077690 standart clearfix" style="background:#237f00; color:#ffffff">
<div class="icon_alignment_center">
<div class="icon" style="height:69px">
<i style="font-size: 73px; color:#ffffff" class="fa fa-icon-stm_icon_book_stack"></i>

<div class="icon_text">
<h5 style="color:#ffffff">CURSOS REGULARES</h5>
</div> <!-- align icons -->


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