How to change listing attributes like VIN or Stock Number

Started by: Kelly Householder January 07, 2016 - 21:12

I was told in the pre-sale emails that I could change things like Vin Number or Stock Number to anything I wanted.. However I can't seem to find where these are changed in the admin section. Can someone post if they happen to know how to change this?


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    Kelly Householder
    I would also assume things like Single Car Data could be changed for Title and includes of the data elements? I can't find that anywhere in the theme either.
    Author Team
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    You can change it via Single car page options. If you cannot see this section, please try to check and enable it through Screen Option.

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    Kelly Householder
    Sorry, seems maybe this is not understood.. I'm not wanting to change the Values in the Single Car Options it's the Labels that show up on the Single Car display page and the admin section of single car options.

    So it's label is
    VIN Number and then there is a text field for the value.. i can edit the text field just fine, I want to edit the label to say something other than VIN NUmber.

    I have seen that I can edit the translation file to get the field VIN to change to something else on the car display page.. However Mileage won't translate on that?

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    Kelly Householder
    Also, would appear there is a bug in a few.
    When changing VIN using a translation file it works
    Changing MPG works as well as many others.

    Our Price = doesn't change
    Mileage when changed also doens't work. The code shows this to be the Message ID and the files seem to be accurate but when you change it by adding the msgstr compiling the MO it does not pickup.

    #: motors/vc_templates/stm_sell_a_car.php:15
    #: motors/vc_templates/stm_sell_a_car.php:161
    msgid "Mileage"
    msgstr "Total Time"

    Author Team
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    This kind of fields (Custom fields) you can change via Listing -> Listing Categories. please check and let us know is there are any problems else!


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    M Waseem Sajjad
    I want to change VIN field to Mobile Model, please help where i can change this,
    VIN (value) to Mobile Model (value) please guide me.
    Author Team
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    You need to just change VIN number field label. Please have a look at this manual - Change Static Strings.


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