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Hide feature image in teachers page

Started by: Paula January 30, 2020 - 05:47

Hi, I would like to hide the feature image in the teacher's single page. As the page is using WPbakery, I would like to display the teacher photo with option. I mean I do want the feature image to be displayed in the all teachers page but not in the single teacher one. Hope you get my question.

Thanks !


  • Author Team
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    Hope Lee


    Please provide us a direct link to the page in order to be of better help.


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    replied to: #10642

    Oh! Sure, sorry.

    This is the page where all teachers are displayed (I want the feature image to show there, no problem)

    And this is the single teacher profile page where I would like the feature image not to be shown

    Thanks a lot!

    Author Team
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    You need to remove the STM Teachers Details element from your single teacher pages -


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    Awesome! thanks a lot. It works!

    Author Team
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    Hope Lee

    You are welcome!


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