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Started by: JP Caudill August 11, 2017 - 20:47


Events are not being ordered by the date of the event in the Health Coach theme. I see that you store the dates in text format that would make it difficult to simply add an order by the meta key value in the stm_events.php Visual Composer template. Can I somehow add an actual database friendly date to be stored with each event? Also how hard would it be to add an option to the Visual Composer Events element to disable paging? I'd like the ability to be able to add the next 3 upcoming events on the homepage but I don't want any paging.



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    Hello JP Caudill,

    Event posts order by published date and you can change their order using extra plugins like - Simple Custom Post Order. Also, you need to customize stm_events.php file in this folder "...\wp-content\themes\healthcoach\inc\visual-composer\vc-templates\" in order to disable page links.


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    JP Caudill

    While SCPO will address the issue, if a site has 25 or 50 events that's a very cumbersome proposition. I cannot think of a scenario where most users would not want events ordered by the date their occur by default. Can't something be easily modified (I can do it if you hint where) to store an additional meta field with a friendly date in it so it can be more simply ordered instead of asking a user to manually order it?

    One more question related to events. In your demo you've got a sidebar that shows more details about the event. But on mine I've got nothing like it - you see none of the event specific information like the date or cost or location - just what was entered into the content field. See here: Am I missing a configuration option somewhere or maybe something is not right with my theme?


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    1. As previously mentioned, events are custom post types and like simple news posts, they ordered by published date. It needs to customize STM Post Type plugin in order to realize your request.

    2. You need to add needed widgets to Events Sidebar under Appearance -> Widgets section of dashboard menu [screenshot].


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    JP Caudill
    Thanks for the help.

    Is the events post type incomplete? I see for example the number joined - I see it's pulling info from postmeta but there's no way to update it? Looks like maybe some AJAX code was written that if you hit the button it's support to increment the join count but that doesn't appear to work.


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    Yes, event participants counter works only if the "Join" button is clicked. If it isn't working on your site, please create a ticket with your site credentials and we will check it for you.


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