Header lost its transparency

Started by: Espen August 28, 2017 - 18:54


My header (style 2) suddently lost it´s transparency, and turned into solid white. I did not make any css-changes before this happened, so I wonder if there might be a theme setting I bumped into without knowing. The only "header-thing" I recently did was to change the logo, but I have tried to delete the logos to see if that solved the issue - without luck.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you



  • Author Team
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    Could you please send us a link to your site? Also, it is better to create a ticket for checking the issue.
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    Problem solved after creating a ticket.
    If anyone have the same problem, check the "Enable Header Transparent" setting on the actual page - and not in "all other settings" where I was looking :)
    Thanks to Stylemix themes!
    Author Team
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    You are welcome )
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