Header for "Car Dealer" & "Motorcycle" Template

Started by: KS November 09, 2017 - 01:57

I'm using the "Motorcycle" template but my client prefers to have the header of "Car Dealer" template.
Is there anyway I can use that header while I stick to "Motorcycle" template?

The main point is to have the business address and contact info NEXT to the logo.
If anyone has any css code that can give such modification, please assist.
Thank you very much!


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    You need to customize the header section of the theme via Child Theme. You can find needed templates in this folder "...\wp-content\themes\motors\partials\header\".


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    Hi Axel,

    Thank for the guidance.
    These are things I understand now:
    1. "Motorcycle" template's header is using header-motorcycle.php
    2. "Car Dealer" template's header (which I need) is using header.php
    3. I'm already on my Child theme and customization of header should be done in the function.php of the Child theme.

    Could you guide me the next steps in order to achieve what I need?
    Pardon me for being a newbie in html.
    Thanks for your patience.

    Author Team
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    You need to create the same path to the "header" folder in your Child theme and copy needed header template in order to modify it.


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