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Started by: Vinay June 04, 2017 - 06:23


Need small help with 2 customizations:

1. Add search bar in header. The demo that I have imported doesn't have search function, please help with code that needs to be added to header.php

2. I need top bar with 3 menu links, please suggest how to add it. It should be very simple, just a black background with right aligned three links.


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    Hi Vinay,

    Header search form is only for some layouts and header styles. Also, it is not possible to add links to the top bar in our theme. You can customize the header templates in order to realize your needs.


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    From Felix answer, so it is not possible to add "Search Bar" code on "Header Information" > Phone number ?? is that correct?
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    replied to: #5369
    Hi Hilfan,
    Sure, there is no option to add "Seach bar" to the header by the theme default. It needs to customize the header templates and use extra styles in order to realize it.
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