Grid Layout by default - remove selection tool

Started by: Matthew Norman May 18, 2017 - 09:59

I would like to set every area of my website to default to grid format rather than list and remove the option for a visitor to change.

My store page default to the grid format

My sub directory store pages default to the grid format too

But my product listings are in the list format and I would prefer the grid format

I would also like to remove the search bar at the top of the shop structure too

Your help is as always greatly appreciated.



  • Author Team
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    Please open a ticket with your site credentials and we will check it for you. You can use this custom CSS in order to remove search section:

    body .stm_woo_helpbar .woocommerce-product-search { 
    display: none;


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    Matthew Norman
    Good morning Axel,

    Thank you for the help, the CSS code has removed the "search" function from the grey bar, however, if possible I would like to remove the bar altogether.

    I will open a support ticket now for the grid default request


    Author Team
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    Could you please clarify do you want to delete the whole section including courses drop-down menu and view type switcher?


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