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Started by: Zaur May 06, 2017 - 21:00

Dear Support,

Google MAP for STM is very beautiful and handy. I'd like to use it but my company address only have 1 address. Address row looking very simple and I'd like to customize it (don't have idea where to change it). I'd like to add something like a contact form. Please see (green is what I like to do).

Could you please advise where can I change sources for that request?

Thank you


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    It needs to customize STM Google Map module template (../consulting/vc_templates/stm_gmap_address.php) through Child theme in order to realize your need. If you don't have any experiences with Wordpress customizations, you can order this kind of custom jobs in our maintenance support team -


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    Philip Prouhet
    Hey Zaur,

    One other option is leave all of the address information blank except for the Latitude and Longitude.

    Then add "display: none;" to the ".stm_gmap_wrapper .gmap_addresses" class. Copy and paste the following code into your custom CSS customization area or add it to a child CSS file. Then, you can change the height of the map to make up for the erased address information.

    .stm_gmap_wrapper .gmap_addresses {
    display: none;

    But, I don't like the STM Map, because it doesn't offer any functionality in the marker or in a control box on the actual map. People don't just want to see a marker. I want them to be able to get directions and interact with the marker. There are some good plugins out there. (most are free)

    One non-free one that I use reguarly is

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