Enrolled in course, stil showing ?

Started by: Waleed Ahmed February 26, 2016 - 04:12

Hello, I am having some trouble setting up my courses. Number one, when a user enrolls in a course and checkouts and the order gets approved, when you go back to the course page it still shows the "enroll course" and the system lets you enroll all over again. Is there any way to do that ?

Also I am building the course and for one lesson I clicked private but when I browse the course as a guest or different account I can still see the content.


  • Author Team
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    1. There is not such functionality in the theme and Woocommerce plugin as you have requested.

    2. Please create a private ticket with your site credentials and we will check it for you.

    Best regards

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    Waleed Ahmed
    So what would prevent students from re enrolling in courses over and over again? Especially free courses ? I have submitted the support ticket already.
    Author Team
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    We have used Woocomemrce plugin for Courses system and there is no such functionality in Woocommerce by default. Sorry for inconveniences!


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