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Started by: Lia Liali August 18, 2017 - 00:40

How can I change the "Enroll This Course" text of this button? I need this because I also sell other products. I know it's been asked before by someone else, but no answer was provided in this forum.
When I asked the author (in a pre-purchase e-mail I send) he asured me it can definately be done, so I bought the theme.
Please guide me.

Thank you in advance.


  • Author Team
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    You can change default text of product button following this manual. Also, there is a Course Link section on each course page where you can set button label.


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    Lia Liali
    Thank you for your reply,

    1) Are you talking about creating a new .po file for the engish language? Tried that, doesn't work.
    2) This button you're referring to, doesn't work.

    Other suggetions?

    Thanks in advance.

    Author Team
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    Please open a ticket with your site credentials and we will check it for you.


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