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Enroll This Course – Change button text

Started by: Lia Liali August 18, 2017 - 00:40

How can I change the "Enroll This Course" text of this button? I need this because I also sell other products. I know it's been asked before by someone else, but no answer was provided in this forum.
When I asked the author (in a pre-purchase e-mail I send) he asured me it can definately be done, so I bought the theme.
Please guide me.

Thank you in advance.


  • Author Team
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    You can change default text of product button following this manual. Also, there is a Course Link section on each course page where you can set button label.


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    Lia Liali
    Thank you for your reply,

    1) Are you talking about creating a new .po file for the engish language? Tried that, doesn't work.
    2) This button you're referring to, doesn't work.

    Other suggetions?

    Thanks in advance.

    Author Team
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    Please open a ticket with your site credentials and we will check it for you.


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    Claire Dennis

    Hi Lia, I have the same problem. I have looked in the theme files and cannot find the placeholder text for "Enroll this course". Did you have any luck with solving this? My second issue is the product categories drop down list. The placeholder text says "All courses" but not all my products are courses so I want to change that too.. Please let me know if you found a solution? Thanks in advance, Claire

    Author Team
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    Hi Claire,

    This string is located in the MasterStudyLMS plugin language files. So you need to try to edit the plugins translation file via Loco Translate.


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    Hi guys,

    I was able to translate the "enroll" text to spanish in the courses page but it didn´t work for the standard woocomerce shop page. I sell other products no just courses, so i need to change it please.

    Where can i find the code to change it? as mentioned before .po and .mo translations just doesnt work for this.

    On the other hand, filter options (category list) in courses page aren working neither, "sort by" and options still in english but others translations in the same file were applied.

    Thank You.

    Author Team
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    Jonathan Scott


    Could you please send us your product links in order to provide a solution?

    Waiting for your reply. Thanks!


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    Hello Jonathan,

    You could check it in my test site

    • - (course front end, unable to change "sort by" and it options)
    • - (single course with button translation working fine)
    • - (page with the button i can not translate with .po files)
    • - (frontpage woocomerce store)

    Thank You.

    Author Team
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    Jonathan Scott

    Thank you for your clarification!

    Please kindly try to change this string using Loco Translate plugin :)

    Here is a related manual for it ->


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    It is just not working,

    • I changed the string in theme language file and compile the .mo file. (By the way this line is not include in the .pot). This is the line
      #: inc/woocommerce_setups.php:262
      msgid "Enroll this Course"
      msgstr "Inscribirse"

    Didn´t work

    • Maybe, if i add the line to the plugins languages files...... i did it, didn´t work.

    • Ok. Lets try Loco Transle... Wait, the line is already translate in Loco Translate it didn´t work neither...

    Can you help me please, i dont know what more to do, it is just not working guys.

    Thank You.

    Author Team
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    Matthew Gordon

    Try to translate it under the Loco Translate plugin firstly synchronize the STM Configurations plugin and then search the needed string from the STM Configurations plugin. Here is related manual ->


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    Thank You,

    I finally changed it editing the woocomerce php file directly, it was no option with poedit or loco translate.

    Author Team
    #10416 Reply

    Hope Lee

    We're glad that you've resolved the issue on your own :) Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.


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