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Started by: Len March 28, 2017 - 18:04

When I choose a colour in Custom Colours option it doesn't appear to change to what I have actually selected. For example, I changed the base colour to a red, but I got a dark green. I couldn't see where the red had applied on the page. I've tried changing all 3 colour options to colours such as yellow, blue and red so I could identify what it was changing on the page, but again I can't see where these changes are applying.

Can you advise another way of changing the colours? I presume using the CSS style sheet? Can you advise what I need to enter. I'm using HEX codes for the colours.



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    Selected Custom Colors will be applied after re-loading your site page. Because this system generates custom colors CSS file. If it won't help, please open a ticket with your site credentials and we will check this issue in your site.


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