clarifying: no quiz functions etc.

Started by: November 30, 2016 - 09:10

I just wanted to clarify this with you.

I can "label" my course sections with "Quiz" and other options, but they are just cosmetic/pure layout, right?

Meaning I was expecting a functionality for the quiz but it looks like I need additional other plugins to get this going, correct?

Thank you!


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    Yes, it's. If you wish to include this kind of features, you need to use extra plugins in your site. And this custom labels have been included as an example in the theme)


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    What plugin do you recommend for this functionality to work?
    Author Team
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    Hi Rico,
    Unfortunately, we have no experience in using such kind of plugins with the theme. Therefore, we can’t recommend you any plugins for that purpose. You can find plugins from WordPress Plugins site.
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