Change colors,font in layout 1 and Top bar on mobile

Started by: Ariel January 05, 2017 - 12:54


1) I would like to know the CSS lines to modify all colors to have a new Style.
Including Typography, menu BG, footer BG etc

2) Also I need to remove the top bar on mobile pages and activate revolution slider on mobile as well

3) I have licenced .otf fonts on a zip, how can I integrate to the theme and have them set as default.

4) is there any way to replace the icons for custom ones



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    Abel Kh
    1. Yes, sure. You can edit Typography of the site under Appearance -> Customize -> Typography. You can change base color of the theme under Appearance -> Customize -> Site Settings -> Style & Settings. Please use this CSS in order to change backgraund color of menu section, becouse some sections have own styles:

    body.header_style_2 .header_top {
    background: #022;

    2. You need to leave fields empty in Appearance -> Customize -> Header -> Information section. Please check your Revolution Slider settings following this manual also You need setup responsive settings under Column Setting -> Responsive Options via editing your home page

    3. You can change fonts using these manuals:

    4. Yes, sure. You can add custom icons using STM Icon Manager. Here is relate manual:


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    1) Still need the line to CSS for Nav Font color and hover color.
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    Please use this custom CSS:

    body.header_style_2 .header_top .top_nav .top_nav_wrapper > ul > li > a, 
    body.header_style_2 .header_top .top_nav .main_menu_nav > ul > li > a { color: #002e5b; }
    body.header_style_2 .header_top .top_nav .top_nav_wrapper > ul > li:hover > a,
    body.header_style_2 .header_top .top_nav .main_menu_nav > ul > li:hover > a { color: #6c98e1; }


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