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Started by: Gerardo Morales August 29, 2017 - 00:05


I am making a list of players to be displayed on the page. I have been able to put names and numbers in custom fields, using custom fields in Visual Composer. I could not add the position (label format). Could you help me?


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    Please try to add it to Details section via editing the player page [screenshot]
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    Gerardo Morales
    Thanks. I think I don't explain myself. Im sorry with my english. Im working on a new page of team players. I used post grid on Visual Composer for it. I added as background the post image (player), post title (player name) number (with meta value on Custom Fields) and I want to put the position, with Custom Fields also. Is it possible?


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    Custom Fields option is not related to the theme. You can check it with the standard Wordpress themes. Please try to contact Wordpress or SportsPress support team regarding this problem.


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