Category not displaying on Project/Galery Post

Started by: Lawrnece Sumpay August 02, 2014 - 01:27

Hello, im currently working using the imported sample data which is really working great. Though on the project part(!portfolio-item/?dslc_projects=videography-post) i wasnt able to display the category that it resides on even though i already put it on a category it just display nothing. i seen that on the template('single-dslc_projects')
i got this
'<div class="project_category"><?php echo the_category(); ?></div>' which doesnt output anything.

Also on the same area(project) on PREVALENCE MODULE (front end editor). Is there's a way i can filter the output of it by category. I know that there is a button to filter that out but what i need is to simply hide that button and sort the output from certain category like for instance FEATURED VIDEO.

Looking forward to here from you



  • Author Team
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    In demo the categories are displayed only as a filter. Project Post can display only Title, Description and Media.
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    Lawrnece Sumpay
    replied to: #286
    thank you for your reply, guess ill have to do some research about this get_term to display the current category.. by the way do you know how will i be able to output only certain category on "live composer PREVALENCE MODULE(project customized)" any links or idea would be very helpful to me.


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