Car mileage, showing as N/A

Started by: Essam October 13, 2017 - 16:34


If a user adds a car, and input a (( 0 ) only zero ) in mileage field, why would it still show as N/A?
how to change this to make is show as ( 0 ) instead if N/A?

In single car, list view, grid view, basically everywhere.

please note that i've already added (0 and 500,000) to mileage as shown in screenshot

thank you,


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    I've deleted the mileage items due to search problems.
    but i still want to know how to show (zero) in mileage instead of N/A.

    The reason of why i am asking actually is that when it's N/A, mileage option will disappear in list view and grid view. Screenshot .. I want the icon of mileage still present in the absence of mileage value. and that's when the car is NEW, so zero mileage.

    thank you for the support,

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    We will check this issue in our testing environment and include needed changes with coming theme update. Sorry for inconveniences!


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