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Amazon S3 video link for video lesson

Started by: Robin Ball November 25, 2019 - 17:10

Hi FOlks,

Brilliant theme! Very happy.Just have a quick question, how can I use this link to add to the lesson:

It doesn't seem to come up when looking at the lesson.

Many thanks,



  • Author Team
    #10381 Reply

    Hope Lee


    You need to use the embed URL or iframe link of your video from YouTube or Vimeo on the page. You can read this manual to get embed link:


    #10382 Reply

    Robin Ball

    So, does that mean that I can't use a video from Amazon S3?

    You only mentioned YouTube and Vimeo links there.

    #10383 Reply

    Robin Ball

    In case anyone else is wondering, I found the solution online. I use this code in the body of the lesson, works really well:

    <video controls controlsList="nodownload" width="90%" style="display:block; margin:0 auto;">

    <source src="THIS IS THE LINK TO YOUR S3 VIDEO" type="video/mp4">


    FYI, you'll need the video to be public in the amazon bucket.

    Author Team
    #10385 Reply

    Hope Lee

    We're glad that you've resolved the issue on your own :) Please feel free to contact us in case of any other questions.


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