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Started by: Nick February 26, 2016 - 11:47

Hello, sorry for my bad english.

I'm wondering if it's possibile to have an alternative logo on sticky menus.
I've choosen the same colors of our logo, so it's ok on transparency of style 4 but not when I scroll the page.

Another option (may be better) it's to change the sticky menu colors on scroll using the white background (same colors of the style 3)

Can you help me?


  • Author Team
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    Sorry, but it's possible to set only one logo for each header types. Also if you have set another header type, you can change Sticky header colors manually via Custom CSS like:

    body.sticky_header.header_style_4 .top_nav_wr .top_nav_affix.affix { background: #FFFFFF; }
    body.header_style_4 .top_nav_wr .top_nav ul.top_nav_menu li a { color: #000; }


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    Great, now it's perfect! Thank you very much
    Author Team
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    You are welcome))
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