Adding excerpt and category in recent posts (inside home page)

Started by: Mounir Chemaoui March 03, 2017 - 10:46

Can you help me please, i would like to insert excerpt in my recent posts on my home page, but it only shows the picture, the title and the date.
I also would like to add the category of my post, and a link "read more".
I know that there are some plugins that can help me to do this, but i don't want to have too much plugins in my web site... normaly the theme should do this i guess.

Thank you for your help, and by the way, the theme is amazing !


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    Abel Kh

    1. Unfortunately, there is no such option in the theme by default. News module - automatically chooses new post with default settings. To realize your request we can recommend you to order custom works in our maintenance support team -
    2. You can create new category under Post -> Category -


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    Aqilah Hafizan

    I would like to set the services excerpt until 80 words only and the user will click the read more link to view. I try to find the setting for that but it didn't seems to be in any setting.

    Can you tell me where can I set it?


    Author Team
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    replied to: #5544
    Hi Aqilah,
    You can add an excerpt text via editing the service page [screenshot]. If the excerpt area is not displaying for you please enable it from the Screen Options [screenshot].


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