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BonAppetit - Theme Customization

BonAppetit WP - Theme Customization short guides.

Theme Customization

WordPress Customize allows you to setup the general styling of the website visually. In WordPress menu go to Appearance > Customize

Here you can add your Branding items (logo, slogan)

Header: In that folder you can upload logo

Under Layout you can choose one of the color schemes.

Typography: here you can setup the font family for all 4 main fonts of the theme.

You can use standard Web Fonts, as well as 630 Google fonts.

Other lets you add a favicon, show or hide the Live customizer, and set the date format for reservation form.

Footer: The social URL buttons appear if the link is setup.

Footer area setup

The footer is the same on all pages. You can set that up either here in Customize - > Widgets

How to set up the sidebar

a) Please enter the Appearance > Widgets

b) Click on ‘Footer’ and Drag the widgets you need.


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